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 A funny day with Febo!

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PostSubject: A funny day with Febo!   Wed Apr 16, 2008 12:49 am

today severals funny thing appened to me... i hope you will enjoy it...

this mornign when i came back to home the CW was unusually during a lot (1:00 cwu use to be very short) i get my hms, ciacci1 was with me cause we had to study togheter today, i was dpsing the chip and helping ciacci to get his hms when looking at my notebook(ciacci1 was playing with it) i seen: Accretian "Febo"... What a Face

cheers OMG I BROKE THE BCC! cheers

Chip buff + gravity stone Cool XD

after, during the pb run i noticed a strange thing, i weared my sk to kill snatcher rex and... surprise! it appeared as it use to do, but it was completely black! very nice!

this is better than the classic one, i prefer it! pirat


and does not end here...
finally i upgraded my elemental ring! i tried all day long to find the right combination to upgrade it, and thank to Varus i made it. i spent a lot of money but...

i hope you enjoyed my funny day^^
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PostSubject: Re: A funny day with Febo!   Wed Apr 16, 2008 4:13 am


some days you have endless luck!
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A funny day with Febo!
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